Myths & Facts

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers are:

Is building in steel more expensive than building in timber?

When you compare steel framing which comes complete with pre-punched service holes, steel is competitively priced with other framing systems.

At Newcastle Steel Frames & Trusses we provide our customers with all of the hold downs, service grommets & fasteners needed to install frames & trusses. You don’t have to go to the hardware store. Add to that the fact that they are lighter to handle making it perfect for owner builders (even the wife & kids can help). The overall costs when you consider labour, termite protection, Insurance (check with your insurer), maintenance costs etc. steel has some really great advantages.

What about termite Resistance?

Steel framing made from TrueCore® steel is 100% termite & borer resistant.
Therefore, frames don’t require any chemical treatments to protect them.
A real cost saving there as well as a healthier choice.

Does steel framing have any warranty?

Yes, TrueCore® steel provides a 50 year warranty. (conditions apply) click here for a copy  of the warranty.

Is steel Noisy?

This one is definitely a myth. Thermally induced movement & noise are no more likely in steel than most other building materials. In fact it is even less, also reducing cracking cornice, swelling & contraction - creating sticking doors & windows.

Do I need to have my architectural plans designed for steel framing?

No. Regardless of whether your plans were designed for steel frames or any other material, your plans are re-dimensioned to suit steel house framing & certified for council.

For further technical information on steel house framing please visit the following websites:

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Newcastle Steel Frames & Trusses is a proud member of NASH (National Association of Steel Framed Housing) & we only use TrueCore® Steel made by Bluescope Steel.

We participate in the Brand Partnership Program, Supporting Australia's economy & local jobs.


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